[9/13/2016] - Current Project Update
Currently we are on track to alpha in the first quater of next year. We will be updating the site with more information and screenshots shortly. We have created our game "in reverse" from what we have seen lately in the industry. We have started with the behind the scenes logic and gameplay testing first, and are now starting to add the art assets. While we dont have anything flashy to show yet, we are making sure our game is fun first and formost and cant wait to show it off.

We expect to have to following in place by early next year:
  • Open World MMO with multiple regions and systems.
  • NPC and Player vs. Player battles
  • Player driven/supplimented market
  • Automated and manual resource gathering(mining)
  • Region sanctioned trading and player driven smuggeling routes

We will be sharing more info, concept art, and screenshots within in the next few weeks.

Asteroid test render
A quick render of some asteroid tests.